Building Local Citations

What is a local citation?

Building Local citations.

What are they?
Why should you create them?
Why Google Loves them?
Why Google Hates them?!?
UPDATE – Bonus

→ What are they?

Local citations are ‘mentions’ on the internet of your business Name, Address and phone number (or NAP for short). These ‘citations’ can help drive clients to your business from various locations. A few examples of citations directories/sites are:

  • Google My Business
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • True local
  • Whereis

→ Why should I use them?

Millions of people in Australia are searching all these sites daily in Australia, so it’s a good idea to have your business listed on them to help generate more clients. Most importantly they can help with your Google ranking and here’s how….

→ Why Google loves them?

Having your website listed on all these Citations helps Google to build a profile about your business and can BOOST your site in the rankings, so you appear higher in the search results.

Think of it as a recommendation from a friend. If a friend of yours says ‘Hey Max, I went to this restaurant the other night and it was amazing’. You now have a social proof or a ‘profile’ that you are building about this restaurant. If 10 of your friends all tell you the same thing about that restaurant, your approval ‘Profile’ about this has just increased dramatically.

Google is the same, if a lot of websites that it trust all tell it that your website is real and can be trusted, Google ‘feels’ better about ranking you higher.

→ Why Google Hates them?

Building Local citations and what Google hatesOne of the most important things about listing a heap of Citations everywhere is that they are all 100% the same! If your address is listed as ‘4 Smith Street’ in one citation and then ’4 Smith St’ in another.  Google sees this as different and starts to worry if you are bullshitting or not because your story is not the same.  It may seem like a petty difference, but it’s important to Google, SO DO IT!

Also from a customer point of view if they come across two different citations of your business on the net with totally different information (for example hours of operation), which one do they believe?  It just looks bad.  I see it all the time too; the business website will have the most current information and the yellow pages info hasn’t been updated in years.

→→ PRO TIP ←←

When Building local citations, Create an Excel spreadsheet or word doc and type in your NAP (business Name, address and phone number), so you have a reference of what to use across all the citations you create. In the same document also list the sites that you create the citations on (This will be super handy to come back and reference later should a detail about your business change).

Remember, If you have some citation already out there, Check them and make sure they all look the same to help boost your ranking in Google.

Well, I hope this helps☺. Hit me up if you have any question and if this helped share with your friends and join our Closed SEO group for small business where I hand tips like this.

** UPDATE – Bonus **

I created an Excel template for you to store your citations.  This template includes a bunch of websites for you to create your citations.  Just go to the site provided, fill in your details and record the info in your template.

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Building Local citations template